Learners Interested in Online Education for Zanzibar

Africa remains largely a mystery for many of our European students looking for more information reading studies and online answers to how to gain more knowledge about the mysterious continent. With all the requests we have had we decided to write a brief synopsis for all those university students looking for answers online to questions about Zanzibar in Tanzania for starters.

Have you ever wondered what the fuss was all about with Zanzibar? Everybody seems to be gushing about the glorious beaches and you can’t help but wonder what the big deal is. Well, here are some interesting facts that might give you a bit of an idea why everybody goes slightly bonkers over Zanzibar.
• As beautiful as the islands are and as classy as the hotels and villas are, tourism in Zanzibar only started to be in full operation in 1995. It was only then that Zanzibar Hotels started to showcase their culture, history and unique spices.
• You don’t have to worry about packing winter scarfs and jackets because Zanzibar is hot all through the year. This is a relief for many people who are not friendly towards the winter weather. It also gives people the time to enjoy the sunset in very pleasing and favorable sunny days. The time is also similar to South African time with twelve hours for both night and day.
• If you are a lover of food and ingredients, you will be pleased to know that Zanzibar is the home of spices. It is named the Spice Islands making spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon just to name a few. This is a great place to perfect your cooking skills and get delicious recipes while at it. Yummy!

• Zanzibar has the most exquisite taste in buildings and carved doors. In actual fact, Zanzibar has the highest number of carved doors in the whole of Africa. Different in shape, size and design, these imprinted doors were uniquely crafted to embrace the culture and history of Zanzibar.
• Life must have been horrible without colour television, having to watch everything in black and white was not exciting. That is why Zanzibar took the initiative of becoming the first island to introduce colour television. Everything is a little better when you put some colour to it and this island thought so too.
• Zanzibar gives you the opportunity to choose which island you want to visit. It has many islands at bay, big and small ones. This is primarily good for the benefit of giving tourists the opportunity to enjoy the islands entirely. Some islands have great water activities such as snorkeling and diving. The amount of Zanzibar Packages available currently on the web boggles the mind, it is actually quite affordable if you shop around on various websites.
• You can’t visit Zanzibar and not go to some of the historic buildings they have. The Old Fort and The Old Dispensary are just some of the few buildings you can visit and learn more about the history of Zanzibar. Some of the old buildings they have are still in operation today while some have been turned into museums. It is only when you experience the history of a city or place that you will get better insight about their past.
• Zanzibar International Film Festival is a big celebration that happens in Zanzibar celebrating the life and times of the Zanzibar cultural. This festival is massive throughout the island and it enhances the Zanzibar economy. Awards are given out as a token of appreciation for uplifting the banner high in terms of the culture in the Spice Islands.
Zanzibar continues to rise and lift the Tanzanian flag high. Some things grow better and wiser with time, just like wine. Zanzibar seems to be climbing the ladder of success and prosperity swiftly and it is not long from now that it will be even greater than it currently is.
It all depends on its people, if you love your city or town, you will keep watering it with constant pride, dedication and love. The people of Zanzibar surely love their home so we are waiting for more game changing news from the Spice Islands.