E-Answers for Students

E-Answers provide a wealth of resources for people seeking information about activities, studies, business, entertainment, universities and recreational pastimes. Searching the internet for the right answers to your questions can be a laborious and time consuming task. You can spend hours and hours online looking for answers only to find yourself going round and round in circles, never quite finding the answer to your question. We’ve decided to try and catalogue the information for you in a way which is readily accessible and easy to find. Let’s face it, not all of us are tech savvy and able to use the search engines as well as we would like to. For example, my parents were born long before the information age and the advent of the internet. My mother will often call me to assist her in finding answers online to her searches because it is just way too confusing for her. She starts off looking for the answer to a question online and ends up getting bombarded with so many answers that she ends up feeling completely overwhelmed. And who could blame her for feeling this way, she is not alone. My father on the other hand can barely switch on a computer let alone search online for answers to the questions he may have. Even though he did study at an international university, that was long before the information age where people use computers to search for information that they seek. Its literally been decades since he studied at university and at that time there were definitely no computers being used and the world wide web certainly did not yet exist. The difficulty in finding the correct answers to the questions we have are not limited to older students or seniors.

university students search for answers

The are plenty of people at universities and tertiary education facilities that were born into the information age that still find it as daunting to source the correct information and retrieve the answers they are looking for online. Just because you have a personal computer or laptop and have blazing fast DSL, does not not necessarily mean that you don’t find the process of sifting through the wealth of online information and resources challenging. Take for example the story I heard the other day of some German exchange students that were living in Cape Town, South Africa, whilst on an international exchange program. The students were based in Rondebosch, close to the University of Cape Town where they were enrolled for some exchange studies. Anton from Berlin, Greta from Stuttgart and Anna who was born in Hamburg, decided that they would like to spend the Saturday trying one of Cape Town’s extremely popular tourist attractions, shark cage diving. Some consider shark cage diving to be a fun adventure sport, frankly, I thought it was bloody terrifying.

So, like any young tech savvy people, they began search for information and answers online. A quick search using the worlds most popular search engine for the search term “shark cage diving cape town”, delivered over more than one and a half million search results. That is a lot of information for even the youngest and brightest of brains to sift through. The students then spent the next two hours working their way through all of the results looking for what is was that they needed. Not all offers are the same and neither are the prices of the various packages that were on offer. Afetr making several phone calls and checking on the pricing and availability, Greta, Anton and Anna eventually decided on booking an excursion with Apex Shark Expeditions in Gansbaai. The company were helpful with all their questions when they called them and offered a discount to students.

So after a good deal of time spent finding the right online service and the correct answer to their question, the students were satisfied. E-Answers online takes the hard part out of finding the right service by reviewing the best options for you. Please feel free to send us any queries you may have and we would be glad to help you.

Kustom Culture – Print your own T-shirt Design

Hey guys, have you ever wanted to quickly and easily print your own t-shirt design ? Maybe you want to print a few for you and your friends, maybe a random doodle that you did on a scrap of paper that you think will look cool on a t-shirt ? Well, finally it’s easy to get that done !

custom t-shirt design

Kustom Culture are an online business that have come up with the answer to helping you design your own t-shirt. Besides having a huge assortment of their own designs to choose from, they have the most amazing online t-shirt designer app. You can use the web based application to upload your own photos, add text, crop, rotate etc. The t-shirt design application even allows you to connect with your Facebook or Instagram account and access your photos directly, pulling them back into the application for you to work. It’s really awesome. Kustom Culture have six different styles of vest and t-shirt for you to choose from. The t-shirts come in a variety of sizes, all measurements are conveniently displayed on the website so there’s no chance of getting the sizing wrong. If you’re not sure about the sizing, just grab one yours out the cupboard and check the measurements. The guys at Kustom Culture are using the latest dye sublimation technology to print amazing photographic detail onto t-shirts in a matter of minutes. The print quality is incredible and the durability unmatched. The whole process of designing your own custom t-shirt takes less than ten minutes on the website. Simply head over to the website, select the kind of t-shirt shape you would like to custom design. Then using the interactive design application, add your own photo or text, crop, resize, flip or stretch until you’re happy then click on “add to cart”. The checkout process is simple, Kustom Culture accept various kinds of payment, including credit cards, debit cards and bank transfer. If you’re looking to give somebody a unique gift or celebrate a reunion or bachelor party with a custom t-shirt, I recommend you head over to Kustom Culture and try out the t-shirt designer.

Why is Divorce not the best answer ?

Far too many married couples jump into a divorce proceeding before researching all the options available to them and considering the consequences that a divorce entails. Even if you are unable to afford professional help when considering a divorce, it is still possible to do a bit of research and find the answers online. There are many things to consider when planning to get divorced :

  1. The financial costs
  2. The trauma caused to children
  3. Living arrangements
  4. Ownership of possessions
  5. Updating Wills
  6. Retirement plans
  7. Closing joint accounts
  8. Finding employment if you have been unemployed

This list goes on and on. The costs of a divorce can be financially draining, especially if the divorce id an acrimonious one. The effects of a divorce on children are often brutal, with children finding themselves torn between two parents. A little bit of online research into the topic will reveal the answers. There are hundreds of reasons why couples or marriage partners should first consider relationship counselling before committing to the divorce process. Couples therapy is one of the first things that should be considered by any husband and wife that are contemplating ending their marriage. Far too often we find that people give up on their marriages too easily and don’t do absolutely everything possible to save the relationship. If you have children, you owe it to them at least, to try and work through your difficulties and spare them the emotional pain of watching their parents get a divorce. Karen Rootenberg is a marriage counsellor with close on twenty years experience in helping couples work through their difficulties.

Karen Rootenberg therapist

Karen runs workshops from her practice in Cape Town as well including the immensely popular, Art of Being, course which has been running for over thirteen years now and helped many people break free of old negative behaviors and grow spiritually. Karen is tremendously gifted in the way in which she is able to connect with and empathize with her clients in marriage counselling. There are certainly good counsellors and bad ones. It may be possible to study at University and receive a degree in psychology, but that does not necessarily say anything about your capacity to truly connect with other human beings, or your ability to empathize with them. There are several universities in South Africa where counselling can be studied, should you have a desire to help people and make a career of couples therapy.


Looking for a Claremont Dentist for University Student Intern ?

South Africa is a popular country for European students to complete internships in a variety of professions. The country and its amenities are already a very popular destination for holiday makers from all parts of the world. South Africa has some world class Universities and Medical Institutions that are ideal for international medical students wishing to take a gap year and complete an internship at the same time. We recently chatted to a student that had completed a short internship with Dr P. Singh, a dentist in Claremont, Cape Town South Africa.

Jessica Elridge of Glasgow studied dentistry at the University of Edinborough in Scotland, and wanted to gain some experience whilst taking a break from the rainy Scottish climate. She did some research online and discovered that many European university students were heading over to South Africa to take a gap year and complete an internship while doing so. After doing some investigative research and following up information she gleaned from the South African Dental Association website, Jessica decided on going ahead with her plans.

The Cape Town climate, beaches and beautiful countryside were definitely a factor that she considered when making her decision to work with a Cape Town dentist. Jessica has only the utmost praise for the level of competence and the standard of work that she experienced during her time with Dr Singh. After completing his studies and serving as primary dentist on the island state of Tasmania in Australia, Dr Singh returned home to South Africa in 2010. He opened up his practice in Belvedere Rd and quickly became a trusted dentist in Claremont. Dr Singh has been operating from his Belevedere Rd practice for the past seven years and has become well known for his fantastic rapport with children. Jessica was really impressed with the standard and quality of dental care that was offered by Dr Singh. “I was really amazed at the standards kept by Dr Singh. I suppose I feel a little bit silly now, because I expected less. As a student from Scotland I thought our country was more advanced and that I should expect third world facilities here. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The dentist I had the pleasure of working with in Claremont was possibly one of the best dentists I have ever had the opportunity of working under. I learned so much during my time at Dr Singh’s dental practice in Claremont.”

intern at Cape Town dentist

Many university medical students also complete their internships at hospitals like Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town which is was where Dr Chris Barnard completed the famous first heart transplant many years ago. Universities and tertiary education facilities looking for answers on where the best options for their students are that are interested in completing an internship in South Africa should bookmark this page as we continue to cover more on this topic in upcoming articles.